Pastor's Sermons

Pastor's Sermons are available online. Please follow MCLCLititz podcasts

In-Home Daily Devotions and Meditation

Portals of Prayer daily devotions are available in print from the Church
Online subsriptions are available from CPH

Around the Word publishes weekly devotions with daily meditations. These devotions include a Psalm, Verse, Prayer, and Hymn for the Week, as well as the order of devotion from the Small Catechism. Devotions are available for download from

Lutheran Hour Ministries publishes daily devotions. You can sign up to have the devotions delivered to you in an email daily. Devotions are available as audio downloads as well so you can listen to the devotion. Devotions are available for download from

A very helpful, colorful graphic about doing home devotions Infographic- The Family Altar

Reading the Bible

The article on how to read the Bible by Synod President Harrison that we used as the basis of much of our Sunday Bible class discussion How shall we regard the Bible

Christ Centered Talk Radio

Issues,Etc. is Christ centered talk radio that is available on demand Issues, Etc.

Pastor Koontz

Pastor Adam Koontz

Learn more about Pastor from an article in the Lancaster Paper

Pastor was also featured in an article in Town Lively