The Board of Outreach is responsible for driving the mission and vision of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, specifically through proclaiming the Good News and bringing the Gospel and God’s love to the unchurched through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Missions Team develops ongoing Mission projects that are in support of the Mission and Vision of the congregation. The mission projects are both U.S. and international with ideas for service being sought from Synodical sources. The Missions Team recruits members to attend and support mission projects.



The Publicity Team is responsible for advertising any outreach event and works with local newspapers, TV, radio, and other media to advertise and communicate events to the public. The Publicity team advertises Mount Calvary’s services on-line, in newspapers, and through other media along with continuous maintenance of the church website.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Team establishes a calendar of outreach events that are specifically designed to reach our community. At least one major outreach event will be planned for each quarter. The Community Outreach Team organizes a team of members to assist with the development and execution of the event, works with the Publicity team to properly advertise the event, and mobilizes the necessary resources to accomplish the event.


Open Arms CCC

The Open Arms Christian Child Care Center Team coordinates with the director of the center to determine how best to serve the families of the children that attend Open Arms.